From Me to You...

  • To be honest and above board with you
  • To provide a formal written quote on headed paper including a detailed specification for the project. The quote will remain valid for a period of four weeks from the date of issue, after which it may be revised, withdrawn, and/or further adjusted subject to the availability of plant, labour and materials
  • To effectively communicate at every stage of the project, including photographic evidence of progress if you are not onsite. If progress or completion of the project is delayed for any reason outside of my control ( e.g weather) then a fair and reasonable extension to the timeline may be sought. Any direct costs associated with such a delay may be passed onto the client
  • To use only the best materials, products and tools
  • To be polite and punctual
  • To treat your property and belongings with respect

From You to Me ...

  • A signed quote from the client is required to confirm acceptance of the project. This in turn forms the 'contract'. The client has the right to cancel the contract within 7 days. See details below
  • An initial deposit of up to 40% of the price quoted is payable at the time of acceptance of the devis. 
  • The final balance is payable on the final completion day of the project. The client ,or their nominated representative, will be required to 'sign off' the work in line with the original quotation. Dependent on the scale of the project, there may be a requirement for furthur stage payments to be scheduled but these will be made known to the client in advance & included in the formal devis
  • The provision of an accessible water and electricity supply must be made availabe by the client for the project to begin. Likewise clear access to the property or site must also be possible.

General Terms & Conditions...

  • Rendering & plastering products used are normally natural, lime based products. Care should always be taken in the immediate 1-4 weeks after application to ensure the area or rooms concerned are allowed to dry naturally without the aid of direct heat such as fires or central heating as this will speed up the process and may cause cracking. An ambient room temperature is acceptable but great care should be taken to avoid extreme temperatures (either hot or cold) or direct sunlight. The area /room should also be well ventilated to avoid humidity or dampness occurring
  • No other works should be carried out in the vicinity, either inside or outside, which involves such activities as drilling, hammering or anything similar. The impact of such work will damage the foundation of the plaster or render
  • Due to the nature of the products, it is not uncommon for hairline cracks or imperfections to occur during the drying process. It does not mean the product or application has failed. In almost every case it is merely a cosmetic matter which can be remedied by either light sanding &/or decoration.Always follow manufacturers guidelines relating to paint, wallpaper or tiles
  • It is the responsibility of the home owner to manage the conditions of the plastered or rendered area once application has been completed. Quatre Saisons cannot be held responsibile for any subsequent issue arising as a result of the homeowners failure to protect the areas concerned. Any request for subsequent revisits or additional work will be recalculated and charged accordingly
  • The information provided on this wesbite is given in good faith but without warranty & is for guidance only. Quatre Saisons accepts no liability for the performance of the product beyond application stage.
  • Quatre Saisons are not responsible for the removal of third party waste or rubble or any poisonous or hazardous materials
  • Requests for insurance related devis will only be provided upon receipt of the clients insurance company details and will be subject to a charge
  • Payments can be accepted by bank transfer, Euro cheque or Paypal
  • The client has the right to cancel the contract within 7 days of acceptance, subject to the receipt of a formal written request. If a request to cancel is received after this 7 day period, whether before or during the commencement of works, then the client is liable to pay the remaining and outstanding balance of payments due, as per the original devis...unless otherwise agreed by Quatre Saisons