Plastering is a highly skilled process whereby a product is applied to cover and protect surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, Dependent on the size of area of application, plaster can be hand trowelled or applied by machine and finished off by hand.



Aluminium railing is installed to create partition walls or to enable the boarding of existing stone or brick surfaces. In most traditional properties, where damp or humidity is an important consideration, it allows for better air circulation instead of "dot and dabbing" board directly to walls. Railing also allows for the installation of insulation products or first fix electric or plumbing systems. The boards are subsequently skimmed with plaster. 


Skimming is what most people think of when they talk about plastering. The application of gypsum or lime plaster to walls. Gypsum plaster creates a hard, smooth, polished finish which once dried can be decorated. Lime plaster is chalk based and so creates a softer, less durable more chalky finish to the surfaces which does not necessarily require subsequent decoration.